Services offered at the United-C car repair garage are not aimed only at individual repairs and regular maintenance. We cooperate with companies dealing with car import or with big car showrooms. In case of interest in our services we are ready to sign a long-term contract.
Importing cars from abroad could be connected with several problems, especially for used cars, when the customer isn’t sure, if he gets his car in a good condition. The other case is different technical requirements stated by traffic regulations in different parts of the world.
In case of any problems there is United-C car repair garage. Its employees are able to subordinate repairs to the needs, which ensure smooth handover of the car to Your client. According to Your requirements we can fix up the car either in Your premises, or in our car garage.
We offer You careful and effective car hand wash. Besides we are able to polish the paintwork in such way, that it will look like it’s just left the factory. Car body repair is due to quality and experience of our employees is easier and less expensive. We are able to remove dents without usage of new paint. Therefore You don’t need to fix the paint on Your car, and thus save considerable funds.

Even the yellowed headlights won’t frighten our specialists. Damaged alloy wheels are nothing to us – we can repair them. Perhaps, it happened to You, when You were brought the car with poorly made local paint or the car was somewhere battered. Our car repair garage has highly qualified and experienced personnel, who is able to solve these problems using unique technologies.
Due to our wide portfolio of services, You have plethora of choices how to repair or improve Your car. With our great responsibility we shall approach to the repair or adjustment of car interior. We are capable of effective cleaning, plastic and leather or suede upholstery renovation. Moreover, we have great experience in persistent odour removal – we can rid your cabin of cigarette smell as well.

Whether you are a mediator for the car import from Germany or from the middle of nowhere, we shall offer You our solid service and a possibility of long-term cooperation. Do not hesitate!

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