Painting of small parts (handles, mirrors, moldings)600 – 1500 kč
Paint repair (according to the part size)2000 – 6000 kč
Repair, gluing, welding, straightening of deformations on one part850 – 3000 kč
Polishing of one part (according to size)600 – 850 kč
Polishing of the whole car (according to the car size)4200 – 7260 kč
Dry cleaning of the interior, complete car wash2200 – 3600 kč
Preparing the car for sale (depending on the size of the car)3500 – 7260 kč
Leather renovation (depending on the extent of damage)600 – 4000 kč
Alloy wheel refurbishment (depending on size and damage)1500 – 2500 kč
Polishing of headlights one pair (according to the plastic)1200 – 1400 kč
Textile repair – burns (according to size)500-1000 kč
Interior and air conditioning disinfection (one application)600 kč
Car hail repair (PDR)agreement

Prices include VAT.

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