• Reliable, effective and very friendly. I was very satisfied with the job of the United-C car garage.Simon Orr
  • Very pleasant communication, very attentive service and excellent result of well done job. I haven`t met such approach for a very long time.Frantisek, Prague
  • I`ve visited this car garage service on my friend`s recommendation, and I didn`t regret it. Very good and attentive approach. We were very satisfied with their job. Sure I’ll recommend it.Tomas Legat
  • Friendly and professional acting, great job on dented doors and damaged fender. Thank you, you have my recommendation.Ondřej Vraný
  • Scratches on car body were considered as necessary evil. Then my friend recommended me this car garage service. Starting with gentle and helpful approach through quick order and pickup of repiared, clean and washed car, which looked like new, I felt myself like in a completely different world. Great treatment, great job – you guys have my full respect and thanks.MUDr. Petr Sinecký
  • Hello, I`d like to add very positive reference on this service. They are very attentive, communicative and helpful. Prices are unbeatable, as well as their work on my car. My Laguna Coupé was rid of dents on the doors and bumping from other cars. Magnificent job, thank you!Vlasta Kučera


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