Alloy wheel refurbishment

High curbs or pot-holes on the road cause problems for many drivers. It’s not a surprise. Alloy wheels usually do not handle those conditions very well. You really have to pay attention on all of the car parts. But when any damage occurs, don’t immediately look for new alloy wheels for the car. You know, where you have to go. United-C staff will welcome you with open arms. We’ll offer you the best alloy wheels refurbishment.

Removing the damages from alloy wheels, made from light alloys does not trouble us. Even the slightest contact with high curbs may have adverse effect either on disc or on its cover. The technology of our cosmetic auto service will return the damaged alloy wheel to its original condition. Don’t worry, the polished surface will revert to its original condition  without any blemishes.

Technologies used during the alloy wheel refurb are not too expensive. You won’t pay the top dollar. Thanks to our experts, the alloy wheels of your vehicle will be refurbished and returned to their original condition in a short time and for a reasonable price. We’ve got extensive experience with disc renovation. Our service is at a very high level.

Poor quality of Czech roads has driven many drivers mad. Add some adverse weather conditions to it, and you’ll have other important factors that may adversely affect the health of your alloy wheels. Any tarnish or fade does not mean it is permanent. We can also varnish the alloy wheels.

In case your car will be driven into some unpleasant situation, which damages your alloy wheels, do not hesitate, just visit us, we’ll look at it and propose the alloy car wheels refurbishment. Wheel disc care is not only about the achieving of the most magnificent look. Alloy wheels maintenance gives them durability, ensuring their protection against any adverse chemical effects. You can normally encounter on the roads such things as salts, acids, and other similar agents.

Finally, car alloy wheels can be protected against a variety of solid dirt and various stray items that can damage your wheel at high speed. Don’t underestimate the alloy wheels repair or refurbishment. Repainting or removing various abrasions from them is nothing difficult or expensive. Service at United-C will surely please you. Trust us.

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Removing scratches from the alloy wheels by their refurbishment.
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