Body repair without paint damage

Sometimes the damage to your car’s body is minor and does not require whole car repainting. Dents can be caused by hail or minor mishaps, but you have nothing to worry about. Car dent repairs without paint damage are one of the largest specialties of our cosmetic car repair garage United-C.

Parking lot door dings, hail, soccer balls – all these things listed can leave unpleasant dings on your car. Body repair after the exposure to such effects is not an easy craft. Using our unique PDR technology we can easily remove car dents, namely hail car repair. The mentioned technology can return the dented body parts its original shape, without the need of a new paint. Your car will still have the original factory paint.

Just imagine this situation: Someone or something damages your car. Of course you don’t want your car to be in such a state, therefore you will check the possibilities to repair it. Painting your car requires reporting into the computer selection color system, which logs your car as “corrupt”. Therefore its sales price potentially significantly decreases. Therefore you’ll need the car dent repair.

It doesn’t happen to you at our facility. We repair the body deformation using our PDR technology. Body car dent repairs without paint damage are our strongest expertise. We’ll do everything in our power and experience to allow your vehicle to be repaired without any secondary negative consequences.

Every new service might deter new customers. Here at United-C the uniqueness is not deterrent. You should not be afraid of this. Our service prices will pleasantly surprise you. Our lowest limit is 60 CZK.

Next time you discover a door ding at a parking lot, do not be alarmed, just bring it to car dent repairs in United-C. Reliability, skill and diligence are among our advantages.

We’re here for you to bring your car into its original condition. Keep in mind that the damage caused to your car does not have to empty your pocket book. Body car dent repairs without paint damage is affordable and available. We know all about it. Call us, or better take your car to us and we’ll have a look at it. We are pretty sure, you’ll be satisfied.

More info:

Auto dent repair without painting is done on any surface of a body, except for the places with double metal edges (upper rims and lower thresholds,in the field of locks (handles), wings lower edge, the upper part of the door)
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