Bumper repairs

Plastic bumper repair is inseparable part of every car repair, which got into minor or major accident.

Even after a minor accident the plastic bumper may be slightly distorted, scratched or cracked. This type of damages can be repaired even in your own garage, but even after removing of the smallest deformations there usually remains a visible signs of damage. We offer you plastic cracked bumper repair – cracked or scratched bumper.

Professional plastic bumper repair is much faster and better. But even in case you want to repair the bumper “on your own”, we will show you our tested and effective procedure.

  • First we’ll remove the parts.
  • Then we’ll renovate the bumper surface (welding device for PVC, adhesives and sealants)
  • Evenly apply base paint to the bumper
  • Using the PC selectors choose a suitable paint color that is applied to the bumper surface
  • Apply the chosen paint
  • Thoroughly polish the painted bumper

Bumper time repair varies. It depends on type of damage and surface preparation.  Usually, the repair lasts from 1 to 3 days. Our car repair garage United-C also offers you the cracked bumper repair, which is the most demanded service and we’ve got all the necessary skills in such bumper repair.

Contact us for the plastic car bumper repair in Prague. Tel: 775155558, our address is: Podbabská 81/17. Praha 160 00, in the areal of Indoor Golf / Volvo service, or write us an email: united-c@seznam.cz

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