Car hail repair

Strong thunderstorms with hail can cause damage not only to farmers but also to the people living in the city, mostly motorists. Dent car hail repair can be made in several ways:

The first way is to repair the vehicle parts or to replace them, and then the body is fixed and repainted. We don’t recommend this type of car hail repair, because it takes too long and it is very expensive. Another disadvantage of this method of dent repairing is its time consuming. Moreover, the putty used to repair the damage may crack after few years of car exploitation.

The second method of car hail repair, which is also used by us, is to repair the dents themselves. For this repair type we are using German technology PDR (Paint Dent Removal), also known as vacuum body repairs. Dent car hail repair is done easier, dents are pulled by vacuum suckers, and then they are hammered and settled into the flat surface using special hooks. This method is cheaper and time-saving.

Before we’ve finally decided for this method of car hail repair, we have carefully tested these two repair methods in our garage and discovered a wide range of reasons, why it is better to use the PDR technology for the dent repair.

Repair using the PDR method usually lasts from 1 to 3 days, in contrast with the classic method of car hail repair with painting, which can take several weeks.

In addition, the repainted body can provide the potential buyer with a wide range of questions, including concerns regarding a large accident.

More info:

Dents car hail repair is performed on a medium-sized dimples and without damaging the paint. Dents removal without painting is done on any body surface, except for the places with double metal edges (upper rims and lower thresholds,in the field of locks (handles), wings lower edge, the upper part of the door).  Based on the type of repair we offer repair with partial parts painting.
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