Car interior repairs

Just as it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness and health of the car’s body or the proper functioning of the engine parts, you shouldn’t forget about the car cabine. Any wear, damage or fabric burnout – we’ll take care of it at United-C. The car interior shouldn’t be neglected. Still, do you want to feel good in your car?

Whether your interior suffered from a small disaster or minor damage our skilled staff can help you and that’s why you should contact us. We’ll remove scratches, broken, cut or perforated plastic. No need to worry even about cigarette burns or dashboard or upholstery damage. Our repair methods used are very effective. In addition, we save you money, as we work only on the damaged parts.

We are able to accurately reproduce the color shade, shape and form of the individual interior elements. We are able to repair plastic, leather, artificial leather, suede or vinyl surfaces. Our unique tools used alongside with special polymers create an effective combination for quick and easy fix.

Do you want to feel again like in a new car? We also deal with the restoration of those interior parts, which are obviously aged. Despite an earlier date in the “birth certificate” we know, how to bring your car back to its original condition.

Our technicians can rearrange every kind of bruise, crack on leather upholstery or a tear. When we’ll bring your car’s cabin into shape, you’ll be surprised by the results.

The least durable part of the interior are obviously the seats. They are the first to be worn out in the car’s cabin. But don’t worry. Old car seats don’t need to be changed, because the United-C will give them their original form. Repair price depends on the extent of damage, but you shouldn’t worry. We offer quality service for reasonable prices.

So what do you think? Entrust your car to our experienced technicians, and you won’t regret it. The care for car interiors shouldn’t be underestimated. Any damage in the cabin is easily removable.

More info:

The cigarette burn diameter shouldn’t be more that 0,5-1 cm.
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