Car leather repair in Prague

Do you like leather seats, but you’re scared of their short lifespan or wear rate? So relax. We’ll take care of car leather repair. You’ll be amazed by what we can do, and that’s for the unbeatable price of 399 CZK.

Leather upholstery is sensitive to aging. Adverse conditions will quickly effect its condition. It reacts to the temperature changes and sunlight. Leather material is difficult to replace with any synthetic substitute. It is less lasting and it is not pleasant to touch. Therefore, the car leather upholstery repair is an answer. But how to do it without paying a high price and still having the job perfectly done?

We can make it happen. During the leather car upholstery repair procedure, we’ll remove holes from affected places, cuts or wear. We will do everything to make your car’s leather seats new again.

We’ll straighten the damaged area, then fill it with a special glue, which will be covered with a sample of the structure articulating the original condition of the upholstery repair area. Then we’ll continue with deposition of special components in order to form a film which is then subjected to heat treatment. In the final phase we’ll smooth the transitions between the adjacent structures. The repaired place, if needed, will be painted by a proper color.

Will would discourage you from home leather repair. Each leather upholstery surface is unique and before repairing it needs to be carefully examined and to determine, how to proceed with the renovation.

Do not take a risk during the car leather repair. Unique technology and experienced staff are what assures you that the leather seats of your car will be well cared for. With many years of experience we have found, that customers are satisfied with our services. A satisfied client is the main goal for the United-C car repair garage. Car leather upholstery renovation is a piece of cake for us. We’re able to return the worn or damaged leather to its original shape. Please, don’t try to fix anything at home, it’d be better to give us your car. Otherwise, you might regret, and unfortunately – pay twice. Better use the security in the United-C. Then you surely won’t regret it.

More info:

Car leather upholstery repair or artificial leather upholstery repair is done in the following cases: chopped skin, wears or cracks except seams, cut length must not be more than 5 cm.
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