Car plastic repair

Car plastic repair generally aren’t very easy. Technologies used by the United-C car repair garage are so effective, that we don’t have any problem with the renovations of damaged interior parts and restore car plastic parts.

Our qualified personnel can cope with almost every car plastic repair and plastic cracks repair. Repair of fractured, chipped off, burnt or scratched plastics is in their skills portfolio too. We’ll repair the damaged plastic parts for a reasonable price.

Damaged plastics parts in the car cabin can be due to various factors. Disproportionate pressure to the plastic parts, nervous pets, fidgety children or cigarette burns. That’s why the car plastic repair will be needed. Therefore you should keep in mind, that all such damage can be repaired by us. After the repair, you won’t even recognize it was done.

Interior plastic crack repair is made with a special gel, which after its hardening copies the structure and texture of the surrounding plastic surface. Plastic cracks, scratches and other deformation due to damage of whatsoever nature shall be repaired by this reconstruction gel. The surface is therefore well-balanced, by the application of gel form it’ll be heat treated, which leads to reproduction of original form of plastic, even in its smallest details. Finally, we paint the place according to the surrounding plastics. You don’t have any chance to recognize, if there was any plastic crack repair.

Every dashboard or any other plastic part of the interior can be repaired. It doesn’t matter, if the plastic is drilled, torn, sawed, scraped, burnt off, stained or otherwise damaged, we will return it to its original condition.

It doesn’t matter if your car is new or old or had unusual shapes and colors. Thanks to thorough service of United-C, its unique methods, which help to copy the form of the different plastics and our qualified personnel, we can deliver maximum satisfaction to you.

Every car’s cabin sometimes has its day. Either because of very rude and violent passengers, or various sorts of activities. Whether the damage to the interior of your car was done by the worst natural disaster, do not despair. In such cases there’s United-C, which offers you car plastic repair and helps you to restore the car plastic.

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