Renovation of classic cars in Prague


Renovation of classic bikes in Prague

Classic cars and motorcycles renovation in Prague

Collecting of old automobiles and motorcycles is a widespread hobby in our country. Many people are engaged in it, and actively participate in a series of meetings of veteran owners or in different auto races. Older vehicles however need regular care. That’s why the classic car renovations and oldtimer repairs are being done by some specialized companies. They often deal with parts manufacturing for the older vehicles, according to the original parts, drawings or photo documentation.

Renovation of classic cars in Prague

Car garage United-C specializes in renovation of classic cars. It performs paint renovation and polishing, leather and other interior parts repairs, dents removal, correction of damaged plastic accessories and dry cleaning – complete old car restoration, classic car repair and vintage cars repair.

Paint damage can be caused by oxidation or by UV radiation. Too often it happens because of scratches or incorrect application of the paint. For the old car restoration we use abrasive and polishing materials with different composition and roughness.

One of the most important parts in restoration process are the abrasive components. Classic car body repairs is also done with the use of varnishes and acrylic synthetics. The most effective are the ones based on natural wax, i.e. containing the glass fibers. This shall protect the paint against the abrasions by the brushes in car washes, bird droppings and UV radiation for a period of four years. It also provides so called bead effect, when the water comes to bead and immediately flows down from the surface.

Dents removal can be done in 1 hour. Using the newest methods, namely the PDR method, your vintage car will have its original shape without need of a new paint.

Leather in the interior of the old cars is sensitive to aging, because it needs regular maintenance. It’s very sensitive to the temperature changes and sunlight. You can also damage it by scratching or by tearing it up. Due to time there’s also a leather threadbaring. The damaged part shall be repaired and filled up with a special adhesive. It shall be covered with a special pattern mixture of the original material and applied with a heat treatment. Finally, the transition between the neighboring surfaces shall be smoothed. Repair of the leather seat may seem complicated, but using the modern methods everything can be brought up to the previous state.

Vintage cars interior cleaning

The interior renovation of vintage cars takes plenty of time, that’s why many drivers better of head to us, where we do this unpleasant job for you. Naturally we’ve got better equipment than regular motorists. It’s not only about the vacuuming and cleaning the dashboard. Our qualified specialists will perform wet cleaning of carpets, seats, ceilings and padded doors. They’ll get to hard to reach places and clean thee plastics too. The maintenance can be done with antistatic agents. Your vintage car will get a definitively new look.

We also perform the restoration of old motorcycles. Our experts in historic motorcycles shall perform all the adjustments with high quality and in the fastest possible way. We use all the available modern repair methods. The motorists will be pleased with our discount for repeat customers.

Vintage car renovation quality

Vintage cars renovation surely is a challenging thing. That’s why it’s important to decide, who can handle it. You can find many offers on the internet, but not every company makes the vintage car renovation properly.

Your car surely has its historical value, and the improper renovation could harm it. In many cases the repair is challenging or even completely impossible.

We are the United-C and we’re here for you. Don’t hesitate to treat your car at the level of care it deserves and at a bargain price – order your vintage and classic car renovation today!

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