Mobile paint repair in Prague

It is very well known, your car can be damaged even in the parking lot. The feeling, when you realize your car paint is scratched or damaged, will surely drive you mad. But not every paint shop’s price-list is that scary. United-C paint shop deals with mobile paint repair, which can save you lots of money.

Our staff uses localized painting technology, which can help to easily repair various paint damage on car’s body. Since all repairs are carried out only in the area where damage has occurred, the factory paint of the rest of the body remains the same.

Don’t be afraid, that the repaired area will have some visible marks after localized paint repair. It definitely won’t. You won’t even notice any paintwork repair. Therefore the price of your car won’t be decreased, and you don’t have to be afraid of losing some money during its potential sale.

Our materials and tools are effective and designated solely for the mentioned mobile car paint repair. Our equipment has been developed by the companies, which specialize in manufacturing of technological systems and instruments used solely for mobile paint repair. No other paint shop will offer you the service like this.

We are capable to refurbish poorly made localized painting done by untrained hands. Such amateur approach is unfortunately and not an exception.  It won’t happen to you in United-C cosmetic car repair garage.

You’ll get the quote for repair price in advance. We’ll carefully analyze your case, so that you’ll know, how much you’ll pay for our services. It depends on factors, such as color matching or the overall repair difficulty of the affected area. Our prices won’t catch you by surprise.

Mobile car paint repair is our specialty. The final work of our highly trained workers shall convince you we really mean it with the quality of our services. So don’t be disappointed when someone damages your car paint. We can come to the rescue.

Services provided by the United-C are well above regular standard. Moreover, you’ll be pleased with our pricing. Localized painting is unique method, which can give your car its former shine.

More info:

Mobile local car paintwork repair is done in all colors of paint. In case of silver or pearl color, we apply the so called spatter technique. The damage size for localized painting must be more than 10 cm, and has to be at the edge of the part.
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