Odors removal

Pleasant car interior is not just intact plastics, newly-looking upholstery or overall pleasant appearance. When the cabin doesn’t smell good or even stinks, you’ll hardly feel yourself good in it. The only thing you’re saying to yourself is “Please, I need to get smell out of car. But how?”. Car interior cleaning includes removing of the unpleasant car odors from the vehicle interior.

United-C car repair garage has the exclusive rights to the leading technological products that help our employees achieve fantastic results in car odour removal . We’ll get any unpleasant smell out of the car: we’ll remove the persistent smell of cigarettes, spilled chemicals and other liquids. We’ll rid your car of odors caused by rotting of the forgotten food, molds, fungi, pets and other sources, causing irritating smell.

Materials used for our professional services, can cope with bacteria and viruses that the interior may contain. By removing car odors, we’ll protect you, your passengers, and especially your children from potential diseases.

Even if it seems, that interior cleaning is the easiest part of the car maintenance, it’s not that easy as it seems. The engine and the body are not the only parts of the car, where the experts are needed. Smell that present in the cabin can’t be remove by simple cleaning the spilled milk from the seat, crushed chocolate or throwing away forgotten snacks. You have to think of what the air conditioning absorbs. Regular car ventilation system cleaning is just as essential as the engine service.

We follow the latest trends and set of tools that we use for maintenance, including the odor removal from the cabin, and constantly expand them. We are experts in removing car odors. Forget about your claim that that smell in your car’s interior was caused by something so specific that no one can succeed in its removal. We can do it all.

Trust us: after the experience with previous clients, in the field of car interiors cleaning we’ve tried getting rid of virtually all potential sources of odor. You’d be surprised, what we had to rid our customers’ car interiors of. Surely don’t forget about this aspect of cabin maintenance. Car interior cleaning is not a minor component of car care. Still you want to feel good in your car.

More info:

After the disinfectants application it is recommended to ventilate the car for 6 hours. The air conditioning should be switched off. Then the car odor removal procedure is finished.
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