Paintwork scratches repair

Car scratches are a nightmare of every motorist, because it’s not easy to find someone who can do the car scratch repair properly. We fix the paint damage, whether it is from natural scratches, which are caused by the car age or the mechanical damages. We can also provide the paint repair after damage by gravel, surface deformation or cracks repair.

Scratches can be classified into specific categories according to their seriousness:

Scratches which are only on the surface, without damaging the paint layer and the base paint

Scratches that damaged the paint layer. With such damage, it is advisable to use localized painting, or a method of localized corrections

Deep scratches. With such damage it’s needed to compensate for distortion in flat areas first, and then repair the damage.

Body repairs consist of two kinds:

  • Localized
  • Complex

If you have minor paint damage with total area less than 10% of the total area, you probably need only the localized repair.

Localized painting or car scratches repair is often used during the scratches removal or dents repairs without painting. After the repair the body should be covered with the protective layer. In accordance with the technology used we also recommend paint polishing.

More info:

The choice of technology and the following scratch repair are carried out only after the expert assessment of damage.
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