Polishing of headlights and glass

Headlight polishing is a routine part of car maintenance. Moreover it’s much less expensive, that their complete replacement. In cosmetic car repair garage, United-C, you’ll be completely satisfied with the headlights polishing results. Your car’s glass will be again clear as spring water.

Leave your car’s headlights in the hands of professionals with a long and rich experience in the renovation and restoration of headlights, bringing their clear state back. Dirt, weather, scrubbing brushes in car washes can leave significant marks on them. That’s why regular headlights service, i.e. headlight polish and restoration, is an integral part of the overall car maintenance.

Each renovation is tailored based on the headlight condition. Based on the extent of the damage to the headlights we select appropriate tools and type of materials that shall be used for headlamp restoration.

Commonly, the headlights nowadays are made from plastic. Polycarbonate shields with UV protective layer can be easily damaged. Scratches on them are not something unusual. But we can cope with that.

Clear headlights with excellent optics are the significant factor of your car’s overall attractiveness and safety. We will do everything for your car to get the right look. But it’s not only about it. According to statistics, large scale of older cars have problems with clarity of headlights during technical inspections. They can become non transparent and even yellow, which significantly reduces the lighting effect. This can significantly reduce overall car safety. Underestimating this problem can have fatal consequences.

Renovating the headlights even extends their lifetime for several years. In addition you can significantly contribute to the increase of your car’s cost. Cleaned, polished and restored headlights will surely impress the potential customer more, than dirty and yellow headlight.

In United-C car repair garage we approach the headlights and lights polishing with outmost responsibility. We’ll bring your car’s “eyes” to their previous state.  They’ll look nice and we’ll bring you back your safe driving conditions. Thanks to our longterm practice we know, that the damaged and yellow headlights shouldn’t be used.

More info:

Polishing headlights can be performed on any headlight plastic surface, except for those with inner cracks (xenon lights).
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